HEPRO6 First Announcement

Moscow, January 2017

First Announcement

International Meeting on


Moscow September 11-15, 2017

Website: https://hepro6.cosmos.ru

The series of conferences High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows, HEPRO, is continuing. The previous meetings were held with success in Dublin (2007), Buenos Aires (2009), Barcelona (2011), and Heidelberg (2013) and La Plata (2015).

HEPRO VI will take place in Moscow (Russia) during September 11-15, 2017.
It will be hosted by Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAS). The conference will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of hot recent observational, phenomenological, and theoretical developments in the field of high energy phenomena associated with relativistic winds and jets. The topics include: gamma-ray and neutrino production in relativistic outflows, multi-wavelength jet emission, formation and propagation of relativistic jets on different scales, and particle acceleration in various relativistic contexts.

There will be invited and contributed talks, as well as poster presentations.
The registration to the conference is open on the webpage.

The preliminary list of the invited speakers is:

  • S. Bogovalov (Russia), 
  • V. Bosh-Ramon (Barcelona, Spain), 
  • A. Tchekhovkoy (USA), 
  • A. Dorodnitsyn (USA-Russia), 
  • P. Giommi (Italy),
  • S. Komissarov (UK), 
  • Y.Y. Kovalev (Russia), 
  • S. Kulkarni (USA, TBC), 
  • R. Lovelace (USA, TBC), 
  • M. Malkov (USA), 
  • T. Piran (Israel), 
  • L. Sironi (USA), 
  • A. Timokhin (USA), 
  • D. Uzdensky (USA, TBC), 
  • Jose Maria Marti (Valencia, Spain), 
  • J. Fuchs (LULI, Ecole Polytechnique, France), 
  • A. Lobanov (Germany)


  • Felix Aharonian (Ireland-Germany)
  • Elena Amato (Italy)
  • Vasily Beskin (Russia)
  • Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan, chair (Russia)
  • Zhang Chengmin (China)
  • Dmitry Khangulyan (Japan)
  • Vladimir Kocharovsky (Russia)
  • Martin Lemoine (France)
  • Yuri Lubarsky (Israel)
  • Alan Marscher (USA)
  • Sergey Moiseenko (Russia)
  • Josep M. Paredes (Spain)
  • Gustavo Esteban Romero (Argentina)
  • Hendrik Spruit (Germany)
  • Marco Tavani (Italy)


  • Aksenova Tamara (IKI RAS)
  • Antonenko Elena (IKI RAS)
  • Glushikhina Maria (IKI RAS) - scientific secretary
  • Lyakhova Yana (IKI RAS)
  • Mazayeva Elena (IKI RAS)
  • Minaev Pavel (IKI RAS)
  • Moiseenko Sergey, chair (IKI RAS)
  • Panafidina Sophia (IKI RAS)
  • Toropina Olga (IKI RAS)
  • Tsupko Oleg (IKI RAS)
  • Vol'nova Alina (IKI RAS)

Important dates are:

  • Registration closes: July 15th 2017
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 15th 20157
  • Conference begins: September 11th 2017

Additional information and details are available at the website of the meeting, https://hepro6.cosmos.ru

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